Rally Point


is a monthly gathering of Veterans and Veteran Business Owners networking and building THE UNIT. Veterans come together and build camaraderie, talk trash....just be Veterans. We highlight Veteran Owned Businesses so The Unit knows where our “Green Zones” are to spend our money. RALLY POINT is a building of the Veteran community to become our own resource group, like when we were in service, if someone had a problem, WE all had a problem and came together to solve it. This is not a “job fair” although jobs have been created at the events. It is not a “bitch-fest” where we stand around and complain about this and that. RALLY POINT is a way for THE UNIT to come together, solve problems, share time and stories, and lean on one another when we are down, or help raise one another up! We share resources, experiences, and success stories to inspire and grow THE UNIT into a positive force in the community. We all need help from time to time, and we all have victories we can share and inspire others to achieve more. We are the people that ran to the conflict when others ran away, we are the people the endured the pain so others may be free. We are the ones who overcame and achieved VICTORY we are THE UNIT!  


There will be Veteran resources available provided by various organizations, Southwest Veterans Chamber of Commerce, and others.

Please consider attending these monthly events, They will be held in various locations across the valley. Now will they be right next to your home, maybe not, you may have to drive a little bit. Did you refuse to make a RALLY POINT because it was inconvenient for you while you were in service?

We are trying to build THE UNIT so please consider attending valley wide so you can meet other great Veterans outside of your AO.