This is a Veteran Business Owners Podcast

This podcast is a mix of Dave Ramsey, Maria Bartiromo, and Joe Rogan. If you don’t like the “language” DON’T LISTEN!

We are sure to go off the rails during interviews we are Veterans and we can do that!

We will talk about the “do’s and don’ts” in business

We will have interviews with experts in fields essential to business owners (Veterans & non-Veterans)

Setbacks 1 June 21

In life and in business you will have setbacks. You have to set goals and take your shots. Like Gretzky says “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. When you take that shot you may miss. You have to evaluate what happened, and adjust fire. It doesn’t mean don’t take the shot because it is hard, “No risk it no biscuit” like Coach Arians says, you have to or your business will fail for sure. 

HTD Setbacks

Employees Come First 9 May 21

Sir Richard Branson got it right, take care of the employees and they will take care of the customers. I have taken my talents to Pacific Premier Bank. Hire the right people and train them, share your vision, PAY THEM, and your turnover will be zero.

HTD Employees Come First

Duel Interview with Sierra Wolfe 23 April 21

Sierra and I both run podcast, Business Salesmanship The Art of Selling Your Business and HTD. We both wanted to interview each other, so we decided to do it TOGTHER! We interviewed each other on one live recording. We didn’t know if it would be a train wreck, or off the chains, but we knew we would have fun and just went for it! Stay tuned, stay focused, STAY MOTIVATED 

Duel Interview with Sierra Wolfe

HTD Welcome Robert Heidt Pres & CEO of Glendale Chamber of Commerce and Co-Chair of Glendale Military Affairs Committee (MAC) 16 April 21

We have Robert Heidt Pres & CEO of the Glendale Chamber and MAC on to talk about pushing through the pandemic, staying active in our community and outreach, and what the vision is moving forward. Robert is a USAF Security Police Veteran as well.

HTD with Robert Heidt

The Glitch is Fixed 11 April

We are back and sounding better. Stay Tuned, Stay Focused, STAY MOTIVATED! Interviews coming up Robert Heidt Pres Glendale Chamber Glendale MAC and Sierra Wolfe of Business Salesmanship podcast.

The Glitch is the Fixed

I have been selected to work with Congresswomen Debbie Lesko Military & Veterans Committee! 28 March 21

We may be having audio problems, but the message is getting out there! I am now working with Glendale and Peoria MAC, and have been selected to work with Congresswomen Lesko for her committee also. Please email me at with anything you want addressed or if I can get you help from her office. 

Congresswomen Debbie Lesko’s Veterans Committee

Here’s The Deal Episode 8 2021 Never Give Up Jimmy V 15 March 21

This show may be microphone therapy for myself, but I hope it reaches someone out there who is frustrated and wants to keep moving forward because quitting is NOT an option. Like the Jimmy V speech (yes I remember seeing it live, I’m old) it inspired me then, and it still does now, NEVER GIVE UP. Also don’t sell out or water it down either, STAY TRUE TO YOU! 

Never Give Up Jimmy V

Challenges & Choices 8 March 21

Everyday we face Challenges & Choices. Do we fold, or stand strong. Do we cower or do we FIGHT! Sometimes you stand at the base of the mountain and say “Let’s get it” and sometimes you say “FUCK”, but either way, one hand hold and one foothold at a time you start the climb. Frederick Douglas said “If there is no struggle , there is no progress.”  and Denzel said “Goals without hard work are just dreams”. The challenge is in front of you, but what will your choice be? 

HTD Challenges & Choices

Here’s The Deal with Brandon Bettis Independent Financial Advisor 1 Mach 21

Maj. Brandon Bettis (US Army 11A) is an independent Financial Advisor. We talk about how an 11 series becomes an FA, his process, and the do’s and don’t in investing. He is also the Co-Chair of The Peoria MAC (Military Affairs Committee). We talk about what we are doing with the Peoria MAC for Veterans and our community.  

Brandon Bettis Independent Financial Advisor


You need to have goals, but without hard work and DISCIPLINE the goals are just dreams. Work the problem, stay front site focused, and the results will come. As Veterans we know we have the grit to stick it out.


BURNOUT! 1 Feb 21

I know in the military we are MISSION FIRST, Drive On and all that but BURNOUT is real. You won’t see it coming, but it will hit you. Think the long game, plan some downtime in your goal setting. If you go down as a business owner the mission will not get done. I didn’t take this into consideration when I was younger myself, so learn from my mistakes. 


Episode 3 2021 Doug Caldwell on Mortgages, rentals and more

Doug Caldwell (USAF Ret.) of Fairway Mortgage breaks down the mortgage game, where the market is, rentals, and more. 

Doug Caldwell Mortgages and more


Now more than ever this must come true. Cancel Culture and Business as Usual will not heal the nation. Storming Capital buildings or burning down police precincts will not bring anyone together. UNITED does not help the cause of the political elite or the ratings of cable news networks. There is a power struggle, but it is the elite that want to divide the citizens and keep the temperature high so we give up liberty in the name of safety. They hope to keep us divided so they gain global power and wealth, while we struggle with higher taxes and jobs lost, and cost of living increase. We the people need to come together and realize we can do this without a label of an R or a D, liberal or conservative, but citizens of the United States. I listen to this speech and I’m inspired and yet sadly see the flames of hate fanned. This divides the citizens and insulates the elites in their positions of power. They laugh and spend our money while we struggle and fight, why? We can do this without conflict. We can do this in brotherhood, but we must do this UNITED. The love can overcome the hate on all sides. Compromise do not cancel, unite and do not segregate to the echo chambers. The elite wish to rule us, not work for us. We can do better, and we must. This is my dream. 



Kathy has an amazing passion for her fellow Veterans and helping transition to civilian life. Her Vanguard Veteran helps make “Veteran Champions” and she has a book out: Beyond Thank You for Your Service.

Lt. Col. Kathy Gallowitz USAF Ret.

Here’s The Deal 2021 Episode 1 FAIL BIG!

FAIL BIG! If you have not heard this speech by Denzel Washington you must! We here at HTD are going to reach new heights in 2021 because we are willing to FAIL BIG! This is the year to reach out and push beyond where you are right now. 


Christmas 2020 Edition Here’s The Deal

Giving a shout out yo Jesus and going over the new show format in 2021. Week 1 Business, Week 2 Politics, Week 3 Personal Finance, Week 4 FIRE FOR EFFECT! (Talk about whatever the fuck we want!) 

Christmas 2020


Business owners need to have an exit strategy DAY ONE of business. If you are not planning for retirement now you will face a harsh realization in the END GAME


Here’s The Deal Episode 11 with Moses Sanchez of Nonnahs Marketing

Moses Sanchez US Navy Vet, family man, and Co-Founder of Nonnahs Marketing (Shannon spelled backwards, his daughters name and CO-Founder) breaks down his story and how he pursued his passion. He also breaks down Social Media Marketing and it’s intricacies at a high level.   

Moses Sanchez

Here’s The Deal Episode 10 w Laura Roma and the Homes for Hero’s Project

In this episode Laura goes into detail about how her and her husband Mario truly take care of their clients and the givebacks they do with  the Homes for  Hero’s monetarily and the community service they provide  

Homes for Hero’s Project

Here’s the Deal Episode 9 Commercial Real Estate w Brandy Braveboy

One of, if not the, largest investments you will make in a business is your building or office space. Brandy Braveboy, USAF Ret, is now with Phoenix West Commercial Real Estate. She will discus the importance of you having representation on your side of the table when purchasing or leasing commercial Space. Brandy has your 6!   

Commercial Real Estate w Brandy Braveboy