About Us

Our Mission


Vets 4 Biz is a Veteran owned consulting firm dedicated to helping Veteran Business Owners stay focused on their mission of producing the products and providing the services they are gifted to do. V4B will help them to navigate the financial and business essential services they need to complete their mission. We do not “sell” you anything;we simply provide referrals to  the service partners you request assistance from. Our 25 + years in the financial industry has helped us secure a network of professional service partners that are critical for a successful business.

We understand that you are the expert in your field, but you can not be the expert in "every" field, and that is where Vets 4 Biz can help. Our 25+ years in business financial services has afforded us the knowledge and the network of business essential services critical to the success of your business. We not only consult you on your needs today, but we game plan for your END EX also. 

Our Story

Vets 4 Biz was forged many years ago with our President Chris Flowers ability to network, before networking was cool. He always “had a guy” for this or that. A strong sense of loyalty and a motivation to succeed and help others fueled his passion to help business owners anyway he could. His 25+ years in the financial industry (Business Banking, Financial Advising, and Insurance), make him an expert in business essential services. It gives him the ability to see the immediate services needs, the ability to game plan for growth, and forecast for the exit strategy. 

As an 8 year Veteran serving in the USAF (Security Specialist Air Base Ground Defense) and US Army (Forward Observer 13 F) he understands the ability of small group tactics and mission essential support. When he called in a FIRE MISSION never having to have to look up to see if it was "ours" or "theirs" allowed him to stay focused on targets. He now has a squad of business essential service providers that provide Veteran Business Owners the Business Air Support they need to stay focused on their targets. WE HAVE YOUR 6!

Meet the Team

I’m Chris Flowers President of Vets 4 Biz. I am a US Air Force and US Army Veteran. I was a  Security Specialist (Military Police) and 13 F (Forward Observer), and I served in Desert Storm. I am a highly motivated individual, who has had a deep dedication to my team. Although my military training does not correlate to business my 25 years in the financial industry do. I have always had a strong team and relationship building ethic, and now I want to share my business skills with you.  One thing I understand is that you as a business owner can not be an expert in every field especially business financial services. That is where my squad and I come and give you the Business Air Support you need WE HAVE YOUR 6!