Stay tuned for more RALLY POINT EVENTS. The mission of RALLY POINT is two fold.

  2. GET TO KNOW OTHER VETERANS! Are these “out of your area” (Oh that’s on the Westside I don’t want to drive there) I’m sorry are we civilians? Not every event will be 2 minutes from your place but WE ARE SUPPORTING OTHER VETERANS and BUILDING OUR UNIT.

Take a drive, meet some Vets, talk some shit, BUILD THE UNIT!

Did we not road march with rucksacks and in boots? The Navy and Coast Guard troops are like “What’s a rucksack”.  I know we are busy, and time is a premium, but if we build a strong community of Veterans we can actually save time with a strong network. If we know the Veteran owned businesses in our area we can shop Veteran and local and BUILD THE UNIT. Isn’t it always better when you know who your service providers are? Isn’t it better to know that they have the same CODE and  SENSE OF DUTY you do? That’s why we hold RALLY POINTS so you know who the Veteran businesses are and know who you are dealing with. It is also nice to know, unlike civilians, we don’t have to be all fake and PC and say what the *&^)* we want to say when and how we want to !@$%$ say it 🙂

I know people live all over the valley and traffic can suck, but if someone is down do we say “how far are you away, oh that’s too far”? Let’s be there for our brothers and sisters that own businesses and let them know we have their 6! Some places may be a drive, but would you rather give your money to some socialist with a man-bun because they are down the street, or drive and support someone who SWORE THE OATH! You can also meet some cool brothers and sisters to lean on in the dark times that KNOW what you went through. Some toolbag with a bunch of degrees on a wall, that you have to pay, will not have any clue what you went through, “How does that make you feel?”

Follow us on social to know when the next RALLY POINT will be, and go to the CONTACT PAGE if you want us to make your place of business the next RALLY POINT!



  1. Mario Aguirre on June 22, 2018 at 8:26 am

    Great stuff Chris!

    • vets4biz on June 23, 2018 at 5:51 am

      Thank you my broth’a!

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