ENJOY THE SUCK get on The Grind!


No not that kind, where is your mind at @0430 (thats 4:30AM civilians). One thing we know as Veterans, and you will learn real fast as a business owner It ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. How does 16 to 20 hour days on the grind sound? Do you have a spouse, kids, maybe a W2 job while you are getting started, something has to give and sleep is the first thing to go! I’ve been up since 0230, where have you been? That’s how it goes, you are the head janitor and CEO all in one. You have to know to get this dream to come to fruition you have to ENJOY THE SUCK for a while. You can keep working for the man, maybe you enjoy your work, and that’s OK. If you are like me you have “that thing” that is driving you to reach out for your dream, that’s an entrepreneur.

You have to able to measure your success, and analyze what you can do better. Did you hit your goals yesterday, did you set a goal, what are your goals? The general rule is 5 prospects a day. Are you working a W2 job still, what did you do before, during (lunch break) or after to work on or in your business today? It is hard to balance spouse, kids, job and a business. The Navy SEALS say “The only easy day was yesterday”, you have to stay on the grind ENJOY THE SUCK! Your dreams are worth the risk. Can you leave a legacy working for “The Man”, no you can’t. When you provide that service to someone and it improves their lives, THAT will get you out of bed the next day.


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  1. Travis on June 2, 2018 at 6:32 pm

    Gotta work hard, make connections, and build relationships. All sounds worth it!

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