“If there is no struggle, there is no progress” Frederick Douglas

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress” Frederick Douglas. Does anyone understand this more than a Veteran, a business owner, and especially a Veteran Business Owner. We are up at O Dark Thirty drink some coffee, do some PT (yoga for me these days) and then GET ON THE GRIND! We manage the business, spouse, kids, customers, employees (not all of these apply). We are the head janitor and the SEO expert all at the same time. We have to ask ourselves the daunting questions: Am I using my time wisely, is this cost effective, did I brush my teeth today!? All of this BEFORE 0900 in most cases! It is 24/7/365 even when your off, are you really ever off?

Before you start a business you have to ask yourself another question, is it your drive, your passion, your OBSESSION, if it is then in the beginning as we are all familiar with the phrase EMBRACE THE SUCK! This is what sets the Veteran Business Owner apart from civilian in most cases. I hate to quote a Rambo movie, but sorry civilians “What you call Hell, we call home”.  We have been through training and for some real world live fire, and THAT is where we separate ourselves. Do we enjoy 20 hour days, maybe not, but we have been through worse.

The reward is this time when we grind, we win not on the front, but our customers hearts and minds. We are not liberating them from dictators or radical regimes, but providing a service they need. Oh and the food and pay are a LOT better! We are bound by Honor, and Duty and we will    not fail. Now at this time if you have thought about starting a business NOW IS THE TIME. This does not have to be a knife fight, you have tools and resources. If you have a spouse they better be on board or it a NO GO at this station. Get “Board of Directors” that consists of Spouse, CPA, Attorney, and a Business Banker. Run your ideas through them first! SBDC (Small Business Development Center) is another local asset you can use.This is FANTASTIC for all levels of business startup to ready to retire and all stages in between. There are CDC lenders (Certified Development Company).  These are good for startup and industries banks don’t like to lend to (Restaurants, Contractors ETC…). You don’t need “an investor” because then you work for their money, and don’t go with those merchant cash advance lenders.

Starting a business is hard, you will hit walls. DRIVE ON! like my old pastor said “There is value in the struggle”




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